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News Release: Recover Evidence from Social Media Apps with IEF v5.4

Now supports Linkedin email – parsing of browser cache files as well as carving. This is a forensic first and IEF has the most comprehensive social media support on the market.

Support for Trillian chat added – parsing of log files as well as carving. This rounds out our support for instant messaging chat that includes over 12 of the most popular chat programs.

Updated/improved support for the following artifacts added: Twitter, Facebook Status Updates, Facebook Chat, Yahoo Non-encrypted Chat (can recover chat fragments from Yahoo Messenger v11). IEF has unprecedented support for Facebook including chat, wall posts, status updates, emails, fragments etc.

Stealth Mode in IEF Triage is updated to also remove all IEF related prefetch files. This is especially useful in covert operations where you don’t want to leave a digital footprint on the target computer.

IEF now automatically decompresses gzipped files in the browser cache (on-the-fly) prior to searching the data for artifacts – this means more artifacts can be recovered from the browser cache.

Added the ability to create a portable case folder from the IEF Report Viewer – this allows for easy sharing of IEF case folders with those who don’t have IEF installed. An easy-to-use IEF Report Viewer installer is provided in the portable case folder, and no IEF dongle or license is required to use the Report Viewer.

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