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Magnet Forensics Adds Mobile Device Support with IEF Advanced

Building on our commitment to assist thousands of customers, in the world’s top law enforcement, military, government and corporate organizations, recover data from a broad range of Internet-related communications, Magnet Forensics has launched a new edition of its industry-leading forensic software, INTERNET EVIDENCE FINDER™ ADVANCED. IEF Advanced extends the powerful evidence search and recovery capabilities of IEF to iOS and Android powered mobile devices.

IEF Advanced

Magnet IEFIEF Advanced offers support for mobile devices in addition to including all of the features of IEF Standard. IEF Advanced adds support for 125+ mobile artifacts in addition to the 230+ computer artifacts already supported by IEF Standard, bringing the total number of IEF supported artifacts to 355+. IEF Advanced is ideal for investigators working on cases that involve both computers and mobile devices.

IEF Advanced – Benefits

  1. Find More Evidence on Mobile Devices – Find evidence that you didn’t anticipate was there and that can’t be recovered by other mobile forensic tools. IEF Advanced recovers data from native and 3rd party mobile apps, including deleted data.
  2. Save Time – IEF Advanced automates the recovery of native and 3rd party app data on mobile devices, reducing time consumed by manual carving and parsing.
  3. Respond Faster – Quickly identify important evidence to provide preliminary insights to key stakeholders and focus the rest of your investigative work.
  4. Integrate Analysis of Mobile and Computer Evidence – IEF Advanced consolidates reporting for all computers and mobile devices related to your investigation into a single case file.

IEF Advanced – Key Features

iOS and Android Support:

  1. Carving & Parsing of artifacts from a file system dump or physical image using existing tools like Cellebrite’s UFED
    • Carves deleted app data from unallocated space
  2. Supported artifacts include:
    1. Native Phone Apps
      • SMS
      • Email and Gmail
      • Voicemail
      • Browsers – Safari and Chrome
      • Mapping – Apple Maps and Google Maps
      • Pictures
      • Notes
      • Phone – call logs
    2. 3rd Party Apps
      • Chat Apps – Whats App, Kik Messenger, Snapchat, Gtalk, Skype
        Social Networking – Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare, Twitter
      • Cloud – Dropbox
    3. Supported Mobile OS Versions
      • iOS 3 and greater
      • Android 2.3 and greater

IEF Software Mainstays Include:

  • Powerful Search Capabilities: Single search for 355+ Internet artifacts
  • Find Evidence Quickly: Get immediate search results, work with found data right away
  • Simple to Use: Get to key evidence in 3 easy steps
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Create standardized and straightforward reports
  • Built-in Intelligence: Web Page Rebuilding and more

Learn More:

Pricing and Availability
Pricing for IEF Advanced starts at $1,449 USD.

Download a free trial of IEF Advanced by going to

For both IEF Standard and IEF Advanced network licensing is now available as an alternative to Dongle or ESD licensing.

Free Upgrade to IEF Advanced for Current IEF Standard & IEF Triage Customers

As an extra benefit, current IEF customers with an active SMS subscription can upgrade their previously purchased IEF Standard & IEF Triage Licenses to IEF Advanced at no additional cost (licenses purchased prior to June 26, 2013). At the time of your next SMS renewal you can choose Standard/Triage or Advanced SMS depending on which edition you would prefer to use.

Existing customers with a Software Maintenance & Support (SMS) subscription can upgrade to IEF Advanced by visiting our customer portal.