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News Release: JADsoftware Announces New Release of IEF

Version 5 of JADsoftware’s Internet Evidence Finder (IEF) recovers 45% more evidence and is 20% faster than its predecessor

Waterloo, ON – January 23rd, 2012 – JADsoftware today announced the introduction of its industry leading computer forensics solution, Internet Evidence Finder (IEF) v5 live from the United States Department of Defense’s Cybercrime Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

Trusted by thousands of law enforcement agencies, government departments and corporations in over 90 countries, Internet Evidence Finder (IEF) is a data recovery product used in the field of computer forensics. IEF is the industry standard to recover data and retrieve deleted files on a computer hard drive. IEF can search for evidence within a number of applications including: social networking, IM chats, webmail, browsers, and p2p artifacts.

Forensic examiners, IT security professionals, litigation support personnel, incident response teams, cyber security specialists and corporate investigators, use IEF as an invaluable tool to aid in their investigative work.

“We have spent a significant amount of time with our customers to really understand their day-to-day challenges when coping with the vast amounts of digital evidence in their investigations,” said Adam Belsher, CEO of JADsoftware Inc. “Our customers told us to focus on the emerging internet-related artifacts, help accelerate their investigations, and to continue to make IEF easy to use.”

v5 Brings Exciting New Functionality to Aid Investigators

Now Recovers 45% more types of Internet-related evidence

  • Social Networking Artifacts: The only solution that supports Google+. Market leading support of Facebook artifacts including email, chat, wall posts, and status updates. These enhancements complement our existing support of Twitter, mySpace and Bebo.
  • Instant Messenger Chat History: We have added the popular Skype chat, ICQ and World of Warcraft to the long list of supported chat applications including Yahoo, GoogleTalk, MSN, AOL, mIRC, etc.
  • Browser History: IEF now supports full browser history, cookies, and other browser artifacts for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox.
  • Webmail: Continued enhancements for more robust support of Gmail, Yahoo Mail, MSN Hotmail.
  • Peer-to-Peer File sharing applications: Popular P2P applications such as Ares, eMule, Torrent, and Shareaza are now supported. This complements the existing support of Limewire/Frostwire, and Gigatribe.

Further streamlines investigations

  • Up to 20% faster searches saving even more time
  • IEF is the only true end-to-end solution and is your all-in-one evidence center
  • IEF saves time & money by eliminating the need for standalone browser forensic products
  • Single search for over 45 internet-related artifacts including web browser artifacts
  • Native image mounting for .E01/dd files
  • The ability to select multiple drives to search
  • QLite database structure to support larger data sets

Searching in even more places

  • Entire Logical or Physical Drives (.E01/dd images are now supported)
  • Unallocated space / deleted data
  • Selected Files (including live RAM captures, network PCAP files, the pagefile.sys / hiberfil.sys files, + more)
  • Entire user-selected folders and sub-folders
  • Other important areas on a hard drive where evidence may be found

Rich & Comprehensive Reporting

  • Simplified search pre-sets for the most common searches
    • Totally redesigned report viewer with enhanced capabilities including:
    • Search, filter, and bookmark results
    • Search alert capabilities for keyword matches (email/audible options)
    • View search results as they are found
    • Export/reporting improved to allow for selecting/deselecting columns
    • All artifact locations map to physical sector offset or file offset

Pricing & Availability
IEF v5 is a USB dongle based solution and will be available on Jan 30th thru and its authorized partners. The pricing for IEF Standard Edition is $999 (USD).

Free trials will be available on January 30th at

About JADsoftware
Founded in 2009, JADsoftware is a computer forensics software company focused on developing products that aid in the recovery of data left behind on hard drives, files and in live memory. JADsoftware products are trusted by thousands of law enforcement agencies, government departments, and corporations in over 90 countries.

Internet Evidence Finder (IEF), our flagship product, is designed to help users in a range of fields conduct thorough, effective computer investigations while preserving the forensic integrity of the data. IEF has become an indispensable tool for forensic examiners, security managers, and forensic accountants as they investigate cybercrime, fraud, employee misconduct, security breaches, intellectual property abuse/theft, regulatory compliance, disaster recovery and more.

IEF can recover data left behind within social networking artifacts, instant messaging chat applications, popular webmail application, web browsing history, and peer-to-peer file sharing applications.

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