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News: IEF v5.7.1 released

INTERNET EVIDENCE FINDER (IEF) v5.7.1 is now available for download.

Features in this release include:

IEF Standard and Triage

  • Improved unpartitioned space search for mounted images
  • Enhanced support for eMule, Skype, Chatsync, Safari history, & JPG picture files
  • Improved support for certain images that have issues being mounted read-only

Report Viewer

  • Fixed IE 5-9 / IE10 Web Page Rebuilding bug
  • Resolved memory leak related to photo viewing
  • Fixed an issue with creating a portable case while a search has not yet completed
  • Improved skin tone slider performance
  • Resolved an issue that can occur when multiple filters are used
  • Exported photos are now larger
  • Sorting issues with dates/times fixed
  • Fixed export issue that occurred with certain logo/agency crest files

To download this latest release, please visit the customer portal.