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News Release: IEF Evidence Processor Module for EnCase v7

Magnet Forensics has released the Internet Evidence FinderTM (IEF) Evidence Processor Module for EnCase® v7. The IEF Evidence Processor Module for EnCase v7 is designed to assist digital investigators with their workflow by allowing them to run Internet Evidence Finder (IEF) from within EnCase, without the need to start IEF separately and point to the same evidence files you already have loaded in EnCase.

This second integration between IEF and EnCase is a follow-up to the previously released IEF Connector for EnCase. This second release was designed as a module that is used in conjunction with the “Process Evidence” feature of EnCase where the user can select any number of ‘modules’ to run against selected evidence.

If you already use IEF you can download IEF Evidence Processor Module for EnCase v7 directly from the Magnet Forensics website

EnCase users who don’t currently own a license for IEF can download a free 30-day trial or the full version of IEF with the IEF Evidence Processor Module for EnCase v7 from EnCase App Central.

Using the Tool

Once downloaded and installed, the module will appear in the “Evidence Processor” configuration screen, under the “modules” category.

“Evidence Processor” configuration screen

Clicking on the “Internet Artifact Search with IEF by Magnet Forensics” module name, will display the IEF configuration screen:

IEF configuration screen

From here, the investigator can choose the search type and artifact groups that are searched. In addition, the investigator can choose to have the results only stay in the IEF case file (none) or to be copied into the records tab of EnCase (EnCase Records).

Once the IEF Module is selected and run, an IEF search status screen will be displayed to provide feedback and progress of the search:

IEF search status screen

Once the “Process Evidence” action completes, and if the investigator selected to have the results copied into the records tab of EnCase, the investigator can view the results by looking in the records tab:

records tab

Clicking on the Records object (Internet Artifact Search with IEF by Magnet Forensics) will display all the records:

Records screen

The investigator can then drill down and look at specific records by viewing the “fields” tab in the lower window:

fields tab

The investigator can then leverage some/all of the built-in EnCase features, such as index searches, filter & conditions, bookmarking & reporting to refine and find specific records of interest.

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