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News Release: Dropbox Decryption & Web Video Recovery now in Magnet IEF

With a strong commitment to helping thousands of its customers in the world’s top law enforcement, military, government and corporate organizations recover data from a broad range of Internet-related communications, Magnet Forensics (formerly JADsoftware) has unveiled v5.8 of its industry-leading forensic software, INTERNET EVIDENCE FINDER™ (IEF) – including several forensic firsts!

New features in this release include:

    1. Dropbox decryption – a forensics first!*

Decrypt the Dropbox database to view a full list of details including file names, dates/times, file sizes, and more.

    1. Web Video Recovery – another forensics first!

Recover fragments and frames from web video chats that occurred on sites like Chatroulette, Camstumble, ChatForFree, iCU2, YapChat, Shockrooms, and more.

    1. Google Maps Tiles & Geo-Location Visualization

View recovered tiles and carved tile coordinates, along with surrounding tiles that are downloaded to provide the bigger picture.

    1. Support for NewsGroup Messages (yEncoded/Uuencoded File Support)

Decode and rebuild yEncoded and Uuencoded files exchanged in newsgroups (USENET) like Xnews, NewzToolz-EZ, Binreader, GrabIt, Newsbin, Forte Agent, and more.

    1. New Artifact Support Added

IEF is now able to recover Pidgin, Paltalk, Chatroulette, and Omegle chat; Facebook photos; and text translated by Google Translate.

*Dropbox decryption is currently available with IEF TRIAGE only.

IEF software mainstays include:

  • Single Search for 200+ Internet Artifacts
  • Search in 3 Easy Steps for Fast Results
  • Web Page Rebuilding
  • Mobile Backup Support
  • Rich & Comprehensive Reporting

IEF v5.8 is available today starting at $999 USD.

Existing customers with a Software Maintenance & Support (SMS) subscription can upgrade to IEF v5.8 for free by visiting our customer portal:

Customers without an SMS subscription can email or call 519-342-0195 for pricing.

To download a FREE 14-day free trial, please visit:

About Magnet Forensics

Magnet Forensics (formerly JADsoftware) is a global leader in the development of forensic software that recovers data from a broad range of Internet-related communications. Our flagship product, INTERNET EVIDENCE FINDER™ (IEF) was created by a former police officer and forensic examiner who recognized the need for an easy to use, comprehensive tool to help perform digital investigations. Since its creation, IEF has quickly become a trusted solution for thousands of the world’s top law enforcement, government, military and corporate organizations – used to recover Internet evidence like social media communications, webmail, browser activity (and more) to support their most important investigations.