We recently announced the acquisition of Tracks Inspector, a robust review platform for non-technical stakeholders of an investigation. 

Tracks Inspector offers an intuitive, web-based solution that puts digital investigations into the hands of detectives who have knowledge of the case but aren’t necessarily digital forensics specialists. It allows investigators to conduct an early case assessment and identify the data and devices relevant to the case. This enables the forensic specialists to conduct a targeted forensic analysis.

Ultimately, this workflow allows investigators to review digital evidence faster while freeing up Digital Forensic Units to work on the greatest technical challenges..

In the coming months, Tracks Inspector will join the Magnet Forensics portfolio under the new name, Magnet REVIEWTM

Our goal for Magnet REVIEW is to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve case closure rates. As such, Magnet REVIEW will be of huge benefit to both Forensic and Investigative teams.

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