When it’s time to share results with stakeholders, or prepare evidence for courtroom testimony, IEF’s reporting tools present information in a format that non-technical people can make sense of - - which means less manual work pulling together reports, and an easier time sharing findings with others.


Why Digital Forensics Experts Choose IEF



Share an IEF Portable Case with colleagues to enable collaborative review of evidence.

Share your findings

Share your findings

Easily create/export reports that can be understood by non-technical stakeholders (e.g. prosecutors, investigators, and jury).

Magnet AXIOM has True View Reporting

Export the data exactly as you visualized it in the software. No manipulation required for clear reports to non-technical audiences.

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I use IEF on virtually every case in which internet history, chat or P2P is an issue.

In particular, the Facebook chat and related data recoveries save many hours of time by presenting the evidence in a reader friendly format, so that I don’t have to carve & clean. Plus, I’ve validated every artifact type that I’ve used, and they’ve been on the money.

― Agent in Charge, Computer Crime Unit
Montana Division of Criminal Investigation, USA


IEF's flexible reporting options

make it easy to understand evidence, and collaborate at all stages of the investigation

IEF Portable Case
Create an IEF Portable Case to enable non-technical stakeholders to collaboratively review digital evidence. An IEF Portable Case is simply a copy of the IEF Case File combined with a lightweight version of the IEF report viewer designed to make it easy for you to share evidence and collaborate with stakeholders. Portable case users can review evidence, search, filter, bookmark records and add notes without needing an IEF license.
Create Reports
Visualize digital evidence in an organized and chronological sequence. IEF Timeline helps you see overall patterns in a individual’s digital activity. Filtering creates timeline views that isolate specific time periods or artifact types.


Create a better digital forensics
report using IEF

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Export Reports in a variety of Formats
Export reports in a variety of formats including, PDF, Excel, CSV, XML and tab-delimited formats. These flexible reporting options make it easy to import IEF data into other digital forensic tools.

The Australian Federal Police Computer Forensic Team has been successfully using IEF to recover and view internet related artifacts.

The program is ideal for an initial parse of a forensic image, the results of which can be reviewed via the report feature. The generated report allows analysts to quickly identify and focus on areas of interest, which often provides further avenues for full forensic analysis.

― Matthew Humphries, Senior Forensic Examiner
Australian Federal Police, Australia