The IEF Report Viewer allows for the initial review and analysis of
all the recovered digital evidence related to a case.

IEF Report Viewer’s powerful analysis tools are designed to enable efficient analysis of large volumes of data, allowing for quick identification of the evidence that’s most important to an investigation.


For much deeper analysis with enhanced data visualization and detailed keyword searches of the artifact and file system data, try Magnet AXIOM.

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Why Digital Forensics Experts Choose IEF

Analyze Efficiently

Analyze Efficiently

Quickly identify important evidence, provide preliminary insights to key stakeholders and focus the rest of your investigative work.

Respond Faster

Respond Faster

Review results in real-time without having to wait for search to complete.

See the whole picture

See the whole picture

IEF consolidates reporting for all computers and mobile devices related to your investigation into a single case file, so you can get an integrated view of all the evidence.


Magnet IEF Case File:

Magnet IEF processes the raw, unstructured and disparate data in forensic image, or file dump and extracts the meaningful data for each supported artifact type.

All the digital evidence recovered by a MAGNET IEF Search is organized and stored in an IEF Case File, a database comprised of distinct artifact tables for each supported artifact type. When viewed with IEF Report Viewer theses table layouts and field values are designed to make it easier and faster for Digital Forensics Examiners to review and analyze large volumes of digital evidence.

Keyword Searches
Identify important evidence quickly by searching for specific keywords in IEF Report Viewer. Create keyword lists to get real-time notification on hits while an IEF search is processing.
Get to relevant evidence faster using filters. Isolate evidence from a specific date or time range, or create filters to narrow results based on field values for any supported artifact type.
Bookmark and Notes
When analyzing enormous volumes of data, it can be challenging to keep track of the important facts you discover. Use bookmarks to flag important records. Use notes to explain your interpretation and analysis of the evidence.
Visualize digital evidence in an organized and chronological sequence. IEF Timeline helps you see overall patterns in a individual’s digital activity. Filtering creates timeline views that isolate specific time periods or artifact types.


Using IEF Timeline

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World Map
See all geo-location evidence for a case plotted on a world map. Track a person’s movements using geo-location evidence from their mobile device. World map view can provide valuable insights on where a person may have been, or is planning on going.
Picture Analysis
Identify and categorize images recovered by an IEF search with built-in picture and analysis tools:

  • Refine results using skin tone filters,
  • View PhotoDNA, MD5 and SHA-1 hashes for recovered files,
  • Import hash values from Project Vic or custom hash databases to quickly identify and categorize illicit images


Picture and Video Analysis with IEF

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Chat Thread Visualization
Re-create a visual representation of a chat thread as it would have appeared in the chat application. Add chat thread visualizations to your report or presentation to make it easier for non-technical stakeholders to understand the evidence.


WhatsApp Forensic Artifacts

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Mobile Chat App Forensics

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Webpage Rebuilding
Rebuild web pages in their original format on the date they were visited.


Rebuilding Webpages

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Need to search the file system and registry hives?

Magnet AXIOM gives you deeper access to data with detailed keyword search to help you narrow results and find evidence faster.

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For what it's worth, I just wanted to thank you for your great software.

I have a homicide trial coming up where a timeline is highly important. Not only did IEF find CRITICAL evidence I would have otherwise not located with Encase (because I wasn't particularly expecting to find this evidence), but the Timeline component of IEF has been a huge help! I was able to include all of the pertinent data in one timeline, producing a report that was both clean and professional.

― Jerrad Ely, Detective/Forensic Examiner
Mount Vernon Police Department