From laymen, to legal teams, to every level of law enforcement and corporate teams, everyone needs to be able to read and understand a report. Reports must be collaborative, clear and compelling.

AXIOM’s sharing tools present information in a format that non-technical people can make sense of - which means less manual work pulling together reports, and an easier time sharing findings with others.

Visualize the data in AXIOM’s multiple views and then export them directly to your reports. For example, chats can be exported to look like chats, making it easy for other people to understand the findings. Merge comments back into the case for better collaboration.

Collaboration is key in AXIOM

Create an AXIOM Portable Case to enable non-technical stakeholders to collaboratively review digital evidence. An AXIOM Portable Case contains the Artifact Database and a lightweight version of AXIOM designed to make it easy for you to share evidence and collaborate with stakeholders.

Portable Case users can review evidence, search, filter, tag records, and add notes without needing an AXIOM license. Examiners can then take all tags, comments, filtered results and merge them back into the original case, making it easy to pinpoint areas of investigative interest or to collaborate and work with other examiners on separate pieces of the case.

Create an AXIOM Portable Case to enable non-technical stakeholders

"The reporting output is flexible and easy to use as a Magnet-generated report of individual artifact reports to be added to my own report format. Portable Cases can be created to allow other investigators to assume the investigation and analysis of the data in a case. Magnet Forensics tools save time and work and allow an investigator to move through a backlog more quickly than some other tools."

– Ralph Melton, Computer Forensic Investigator, City of New Bern


True View Exports enables examiners to present their findings in a customized view that fits their particular reporting needs and parameters. No need to manipulate exported findings into a report template. Export them as you see them.

AXIOM Examine in Action


Image Extraction

Magnet AXIOM streamlines the imaging of multiple data sources in the first stage of a digital forensics examination. AXIOM increases efficiencies and saves times for investigative teams.

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Data Recovery

Once AXIOM has acquired all images of smartphones, computers, cloud data, and other removable media types, our digital investigation platform automates parsing and carving for deep artifact data, and gives you access to the results in real-time as they are found.

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Data Analysis

AXIOM’s analysis tools help investigative teams narrow results and find connections by offering multiple views – timelines, world maps, chat threading, and more - filters, tags and bookmarking, comments, and innovative machine learning technology for contextual content analysis.

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