Deep artifact data parsing and carving

There is an enormous volume of data to be recovered in any investigation. In digital forensics, the most relevant data is often stored in apps, documents, files and communications.

You need to get to the most relevant information quickly, such as browser history, email, chats, pictures, videos, documents, and social networks. That’s why more and more investigations start with artifact recovery and analysis.

AXIOM is built on the principle that artifacts-first forensics is the most efficient way to search and examine data.

Deep artifact parsing and carving image

Building the Case File

AXIOM pulls in data from smartphones, computers, the cloud, and other removable media into one case file from both allocated and unallocated space.

To ensure that AXIOM users have the most robust data set to work from, AXIOM will search and recover data from third-party images, including JTAG, Chip off, E01, DD, .BIN, and more.

AXIOM will search and recover data from third-party

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The best artifact recovery

Magnet AXIOM recovers evidence from nearly 1,000 Artifacts from computers; smartphones and tablets; IoT and the cloud. AXIOM recovers the deepest data from artifacts of any tool today.

Full disk decryption

AXIOM can decrypt full disks encrypted with BitLocker and TrueCrypt (and more to follow) within the investigative workflow.

Add your own artifacts

Create your own custom artifact definitions to find more artifact data, or have AXIOM’s Dynamic App Finder automatically identify new apps and create artifact definitions.

Discover how to share and find unsupported and new artifacts in our Artifact Exchange

Deleted file recovery

Extract data from full files or carve for deleted data and traces of data elements/fragments left behind by apps and websites, presenting it in an organized and easy to read format.

Add hash sets

Filter out non-relevant files to enhance search performance and reduce false positives or add hash sets that will specifically call out and identify known bad pictures and videos.

Automation for faster Investigations

AXIOM offers Single Stage Processing to automate image acquisition and recovery of artifact and file system data. Simply connect any devices and queue them up for imaging and AXIOM will search and carve for data, automatically readying a case file for the investigative team.

Convert idle computer time, when you’re out of the forensic lab, into productive time. Magnet AXIOM allows you to queue up a series of disk imaging and data recovery activities for multiple evidence items, like smartphones and computers, to be automatically executed.


Image Extraction

Magnet AXIOM streamlines the imaging of multiple data sources in the first stage of a digital forensics examination. AXIOM increases efficiencies and saves times for investigative teams.

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Data Analysis

AXIOM’s analysis tools help investigative teams narrow results and find connections by offering multiple views – timelines, world maps, chat threading, and more - filters, tags and bookmarking, comments, and innovative machine learning technology for contextual content analysis.

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Reporting and collaboration is key to an investigation and AXIOM has reporting that is easy-to-use, easy to share, and easy for others to read and understand. Quickly merge comments, tags and bookmarks from others back into a single case.

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