Key Benefits and Features


  • Runs from a USB dongle on a live system

Find and preview evidence quickly

  • A one step search that finds and reports on pictures, videos, browser history & chat artifacts in minutes

On scene preview of digital evidence

Empower non-technical personnel to:

  • Identify potential evidence and qualify computer(s) for seizure
  • Quickly triage a large number of computers and reduce forensic backlogs

Easy to use

  • Designed for non-forensic personnel, with no forensics training required

Forensically sound

  • Maintains forensic integrity of data

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Find & Preview Evidence Quickly

Find & Preview

Targeted search of live files and common areas in 5-15 minutes. Searches for pictures, videos, web browser history, and instant messenger chats.

Browser History

Firefox Web History, Chrome Web History, IE 5-9, 10, 11 – History, Safari History, Opera History

Instant Messenger &
Chat Applications

Skype Messages, ICQ 6, 7 Messages, Pidgin Messages, ooVoo Messages, MSN Messages , Yahoo! Messenger Messages


png, jpg/jpeg, gif, bmp


mov, wmv, mp4, avi, mkv, divx, 3gp, mpg/mpeg

Easy To Use

Easy to Use

Select categories to search and an activity report gets generated in minutes.

Launch Magnet Frontline

  • Insert the Magnet FRONTLINE USB dongle into the subject’s computer
  • Launch FRONTLINE application

Start a Search

  • Select Search Type and click “find evidence”
  • The search process will normally run for 5-15 minutes (search time depends on the amount of data on the computer)

Preview Evidence

  • Magnet IEF Report viewer will display items in real time as they are recovered
  • Recovered items are categorized by artifact type and displayed in easy to interpret tables
  • The entire report, with all recovered items will be ready at the completion of the search
  • You can quickly preview data found from Internet history, pictures, videos and Instant Messaging or Chat applications

Simple Analysis

  • Refine results using keyword searches to identify text of interest and use skin tone detection to identify images for pornography related cases


  • Use bookmarks to flag items of interest
  • Create reports highlighting the key bookmarked findings (reports can be exported in html, pdf, xls format)
  • Save the the entire Magnet FRONTLINE case or exported summary reports to the FRONTLINE USB Dongle

Close Magnet Frontline

  • Close the Magnet FRONTLINE application
  • Remove the FRONTLINE USB dongle


  • Determine if the computer should be seized for a full forensic examination

Empower Frontline Staff without Risking Forensic Integrity

Maintaining forensic integrity

Designed to enable non-forensic personnel to conduct on scene search and preview evidence on live systems, while maintaining the forensic integrity of the data.

Launch Magnet Frontline

  • Designed for use by non-forensic personnel with no forensics training required
  • Preview and collect evidence while preserving metadata – no data is altered
  • For each recovered item, a source is displayed so that forensic examiners can validate the data in a FRONTLINE report when conducting a full, follow-up examination

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