The Magnet AXIOM - Transition (AX099) course is a one-day online course that will introduce experienced IEF users to the core components of AXIOM, teaching them how to navigate through the case quickly, verify evidence efficiently, analyze artifact and file system data intuitively and share findings simply.

Students will explore AXIOM Process and learn how to automate, and streamline acquisition and processing tasks, and configure AXIOM for case-specific and global evidence recovery. In the AXIOM Examine modules, students will learn how our powerful analysis tools are designed to enable efficient analysis of large volumes of data, allowing for quick identification and validation of the evidence that’s most important to an investigation.

At the conclusion of the Magnet AXIOM - Transition course, students will have a deeper understanding of the new features of AXIOM.

If you have successfully completed the AXIOM – Transition course, as well as one of either the IEF Essentials course, or the IEF Examinations course, you are eligible to apply for the Magnet Certified Forensic Examiner (MCFE) – AXIOM certification.

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Objectives of Magnet AXIOM - Transition Training

  • Installation and use of Magnet AXIOM
  • Supported data sources and corresponding search types
  • Supported Internet artifact types
  • Navigation of File Systems and Registry Hives
  • Understanding verification feature Source Linking
  • Analyzing case data Magnet AXIOM Examine
  • Using Magnet AXIOM Categories and Views tools
  • Building and sharing reports with Magnet AXIOM True View Exports and Portable Case

It is highly recommended that students attend the Magnet IEF Essentials course prior to attending the Magnet AXIOM – Transition course. The AXIOM transition course content assumes that the student is fully versed and experienced in the use of IEF, and covers only how to apply those established skills in AXIOM.


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Training Class Schedule

Course Location Dates
Virtual Instructor–Led Online (CST) November 21
Virtual Instructor–Led Online (CST) February 12
Virtual Instructor–Led Online (CST) April 30
Virtual Instructor–Led Online (CST) June 25

Course Outline

Module 1: Magnet AXIOM Development and Components

AXIOM builds upon the powerful processing capabilities of Magnet IEF. AXIOM allows users to seamlessly acquire, analyze, and share digital evidence from computers, smartphones, and tablets, and represents the evolution of IEF into a complete digital investigation platform. This module will provide students with an appreciation for the development of Magnet AXIOM, and its two component applications AXIOM Process and AXIOM Examine.

Module 2: Magnet AXIOM Process Overview

In this module, students will learn about AXIOM Process, and how it can be configured to acquire and analyze digital evidence from computers, smartphones, and other devices. The module will also highlight the Single Stage Processing capabilities of AXIOM Process, and how it can help an examiner streamline the forensic workflow, to work more efficiently.

Module 3: Evidence Selection, and Acquisition

In this block of instruction, students will explore the legacy evidence selection options carried over from IEF, and learn how to acquire new forensic evidence using Magnet ACQUIRE, integrated into AXIOM. The evidence selection process will include the incorporation of computer, smartphone, tablet and other sources, in preparation for analysis.

Module 4: Evidence Processing, and Analysis

Magnet AXIOM Process intelligently parses and carves for hundreds of different types of digital forensic artifacts, found in allocated and unallocated space on computers, smartphones and tablets. In this module, students will learn how to configure AXIOM Process to recover these artifacts. The configuration options in this section include keywords and regular expressions, file hash values for pictures and non-relevant files, and using the Dynamic App Finder for recovering more artifacts from smartphone and other mobile evidence.

Module 5: Magnet AXIOM Examine Overview

AXIOM Examine incorporates powerful analysis tools designed to enable users to efficiently analyze large volumes of data, and quickly identify relevant evidence, and validate its location. This module of instruction introduces the students to the new AXIOM Examine user interface, and its enhanced evidence navigation and exploration features. Students will learn how to utilize the navigation, evidence, and content panes to quickly and efficiently explore the recovered artifacts, and leverage the source link and related artifacts functionality.

Module 6: Filtering, Searching

The Filter bar in Magnet AXIOM Examine allows you to apply filters on the evidence source, type of artifact, date, time, tags, keywords, regular expressions, and user profiles. Filters can be applied individually, or stacked, to further narrow the resulting artifacts. With the new indexing feature of AXIOM Examine, changes to filters are reflected immediately in the Navigation and Evidence panes. This module teaches the student how to leverage the filtering and searching functionality of AXIOM Examine, to narrow the focus of their investigation.

Module 7: Tags, Comments and Profiles

In Magnet AXIOM Examine, tags and profiles are treated as filter sets within the evidence pane. In this block of instruction, students will learn how to create and manage tags, comments, and user-specific profiles to prepare case evidence for exporting and reporting.

Module 8: Case Reporting

The export feature of Magnet AXIOM Examine enables users to export relevant artifacts, and present their findings in a customized view that fits their particular reporting needs and parameters. The enhanced portable case functionality of AXIOM Examine allows users to collaborate with stakeholders, manage large case data sets more efficiently, and prepare evidence for courtroom testimony. In this final module, students will learn to manage exports, portable cases, and their cumulative case report, in support of their investigative findings.

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