Transforming Digital Investigations with the Magnet Digital Investigation Suite

The Magnet Digital Investigation Suite™ is now available to help you transform your digital investigations with powerful analytics and collaborate agency-wide, securely and at scale. 

Law enforcement agencies are overwhelmed with the growth of digital evidence, challenging their ability to keep their communities safe.    

Increasing data volumes and evidence complexity are putting pressure on digital forensics units to do more, straining their resources. At the same time, a shortage in skilled talent and a quickly changing technology landscape are hindering their ability to adapt and keep pace.  

A modernized approach is needed to help agencies improve the efficiency of their digital investigations so they can complete cases more quickly – one that helps them maximize their people, processes, and technology but without introducing undue complexity or risk. 

Now, with the Magnet Digital Investigation Suite, we’re providing an integrated solution, built to work with Magnet AXIOM® and other tools in your toolkit, to help you transform your digital investigations to enable you, your lab, and your agency meet increasing capacity demands and collaborate agency-wide, while operating securely & transparently to reduce risk. 

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What’s in the Magnet Digital Investigation Suite 

Within the Magnet Digital Investigation Suite are three powerful solutions that together enable you to leverage the benefits of case management, automation, and collaboration throughout your digital investigations. 


Magnet AUTOMATE is an orchestration and automation platform that uses your lab’s existing hardware and software tools to create standardized workflows to image and process data with limited examiner intervention. 

Learn more about Magnet AUTOMATE 

Magnet REVIEW® 

Magnet REVIEW enables secure collaboration on digital evidence via a single web-based platform purpose-built for non-technical investigators, so they review evidence from anywhere. 

Learn more about Magnet REVIEW 

Magnet ATLAS™

Magnet ATLAS lets you easily manage and collaborate on digital forensic investigations,  generate real-time reports, and track digital investigations from end-to-end to ensure that the chain-of-custody was maintained. 

Learn more about Magnet ATLAS 

The Magnet Digital Investigation Suite was designed to be flexible based on your agencies’ needs – you can deploy these solutions separately or together as an integrated Suite.  

And if you’re already a Magnet AXIOM customer, the Magnet Digital Investigation Suite can help you further leverage your investment by amplifying the processing and analytics power of AXIOM to complete your investigations even faster and easier. 

Partner with Magnet to Transform Your Approach to Digital Investigations 

Reach out to our experts today and let us help you reimagine your digital investigations to increase efficiency, collaborate agency-wide, and reduce risk.

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