New in Magnet ATLAS 3.0: Improved Task Manager, File Attachment Upload API, and More

We’re proud to announce the availability of Magnet ATLAS 3.0! ATLAS’s case management and collaboration capabilities are a key part of the Magnet Digital Investigation Suite’s integrated solution approach, acting as the command and control center for your digital investigations. ATLAS helps you to centralize your information and data to help all of your agency’s stakeholders – forensics … Continued

New Case Study Describes How Magnet ATLAS Tracks Complex Cases

It’s uncommon for most criminal cases nowadays to involve less than half a dozen digital devices. Smartphones, tablets, home assistants, gaming consoles, and computers from suspects, victims, and witnesses may all be in play. In such a complex evidentiary landscape, proper chain of custody documentation is a must. Seizing multiple devices means being able to … Continued

Welcome to Our Product Suite, Magnet ATLAS for Case Management

We are officially welcoming  simple, powerful case and lab management to the Magnet Forensics product suite: Magnet ATLAS . We’ve heard from customers that the cobbled together Excel spreadsheets, Word docs, document and data management software not meant for investigations, and even Post-it notes, just aren’t cutting it anymore. Magnet ATLAS provides case and lab … Continued