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Submit to the Magnet User Summit Call for Papers (CFP)

New to the Magnet User Summit in 2019: guest speakers! This year, our event format has expanded to a two-day conference and we are looking for a wide range of speakers from outside our organization to fill our available 60-minute slots.

Could you be one of them? As Jessica Hyde, our Director of Forensics, wrote in her blog “The Importance of Sharing in DFIR”:

Each conference has a slightly different personality and feel. Writing a response to a CFP (Call for Papers or Call for Presentations) can be intimidating, but it is worth it to share your findings with a wide audience. It’s also a great opportunity to meet other people in the field and have discussions about a variety of topics.

What kinds of topics are we looking for?

What can you, personally, bring to our audience?

  • Trends in your region or area of focus, and the best practices you developed to approach them. Maybe it’s a mobile device model seen only in your region, or a new way criminals or corporate intruders are using to escape detection. What are you doing or have you done to overcome it?
  • Results, results, results. What are your lab’s key performance indicators (KPIs), and how do you meet them? We want to hear about the processes, divisions of labor, and tools you use to get results back to investigators faster, improve the quality of results you provide, or track cases more easily—and the metrics you use to track your progress.
  • Case studies. Give us the details about some process that frustrated both you and your stakeholders, until you worked out how to streamline it and save hours of headaches. Or, tell us about that tricky device with the data you just knew was hidden somewhere, and how you got to it.
  • Research you’re doing. Did you encounter a mobile device or an app you’d never seen before? Tell us about the digging you did to learn more, and what you found out.

For more details on suggested topics and to submit your abstract, view our Magnet User Summit website.

Who do we want to hear from?

Any qualified industry professional is welcome to submit and all ideas are welcome, including DFIR talks that don’t necessarily directly tie back to our products. Our goal for this event is to be relevant to the industry, with general-interest talks that help investigators from all walks.

The deadline to submit to our CFP is November 30! Are you ready to submit? Find our guidelines here.