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New Report: The Evolution of Digital Forensics in the Next Normal

A new IDC Report, “The Evolution of Digital Forensics in the Next Normal” is now available! Learn What 4 Essential Elements to Look for in Your Forensics Tools.

The attack surface of organizations has drastically increased, and organizations are experiencing more cyberattacks than ever before. The data that forensics teams need to find and analyze is no longer stored on premises within the four walls of the organization, but distributed across a spiderweb of devices, endpoints, and network connections. The right software can reduce the complexity facing modern forensics teams and enable the practitioners to be more efficient.

Ryan O’Leary, Research Manager, Privacy and Legal Technology at IDC.

The Evolution of Digital Forensics in the Next Normal

In this exclusive IDC report, learn how organizations are investing in their security posture and what key tools IDC recommends your forensics team be outfitted with in order to prepare for the evolution of forensics.

The report also provides an overview of the Magnet AXIOM Cyber solution designed to reduce the complexity facing modern forensics teams.

The report covers a number of critical topics for DFIR professionals to consider in the year ahead:

  • The continued expansion (and complication) of the enterprise datasphere
  • The current digital threat landscape
  • Functionality requirements for modern DFIR tools
  • Setting up a Forensics and Incident Response Unit
  • The importance of remote access
  • Covert operations
  • How DFIR tools like Magnet AXIOM Cyber can work for your organization
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