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New in AXIOM Cyber & AXIOM 4.9: Load Files Beta, Easier Sharing of Portable Cases, New Export Customizations, and More!

Magnet AXIOM 4.9 and Magnet AXIOM Cyber 4.9 are now available—upgrade today in-product or over at the Customer Portal.

With AXIOM and AXIOM Cyber 4.9, we’re helping you more easily share your Portable Cases, providing additional customizations and controls for your Exports, and more!

Plus, another huge announcement for AXIOM Cyber! Many corporate forensics examiners are tasked with the collection phase of the eDiscovery process. With the latest release of AXIOM Cyber 4.9, we’ve introduced beta support for generating a load file so you can now use AXIOM Cyber for those eDiscovery collections.

Find out more about these new features, along with new and updated artifact support below.

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New in AXIOM Cyber: Generate Load Files (OPEN BETA)

Generating a load file will be introduced in AXIOM Cyber 4.9 as an open beta feature. We want to ensure you and the eDiscovery partners you’re working with are satisfied with the contents of the load file and all parties are getting everything they need to do their jobs successfully.

Load files generated by AXIOM Cyber include:

  • A plain text delimited file with a .dat extension in the Concordance / Relativity format containing metadata for the included artifacts
  • Folders with accompanying natives and text including:
  • MSG file for email
  • HTML chat threads for chat messages from Slack or other chat-based communication services
  • Original files for documents, media, and other file-based artifacts

Read this blog to learn more about generating a load file with AXIOM Cyber.

New in AXIOM & AXIOM Cyber: Easier Sharing of Portable Cases

With AXIOM 4.9 and AXIOM Cyber 4.9, we’re making it easier to share Portable Cases with your stakeholders. The Portable Case folder and file names have been updated with a more intuitive, easier-to-find convention: the primary export folder is now called “PortableCase” and the secondary folder is now called “Case Files”.

New in AXIOM & AXIOM Cyber: New Export Customizations

Building on our last release, AXIOM 4.9 and AXIOM Cyber 4.9 helps you to further customize and control your exports with a number of new features, including:

  • Specify sort order in column configuration and templates
  • Persist sorting and column order from Examine view
  • Block or blur illegal categories preview (PDF and Excel), remove illegal images from attachments
  • Separate settings for image preview and attachments

For more on these new customizations, check out our blog here.

New in AXIOM & AXIOM Cyber: Updated Android Motion Photos Artifact

With AXIOM 4.9 and AXIOM Cyber 4.9, we’ve updated our Android Motion Photos artifact to make it faster and easier for you to see the full story behind it. The Motion Photos artifact now includes previews of the associated Motion Photos image and video in the same search result, so you can easily view them together for added context.

For more on this new artifact update, check out Jessica Hyde’s blog, and see Tarah Melton’s how-to video for a quick demo!

New Parler Artifacts for iOS and Android

AXIOM and AXIOM Cyber 4.9 also include the following new iOS and Android artifacts for Parler:

Parler iOS Users: Identifies information about the local account including the email address, password, and phone number associated with the account, along with the users that the local account is following.

Parler iOS Activity: Shows a variety of request and response statuses for activities.

Parler Android Users: Identifies Users stored in the Cache of the device, which can include users that the local account did not associate with.

Parler Android Activity: Covers a variety of posts, comments, and echoes cached on the local device, including those that the user may not have interacted with.

New Artifacts

  • Parler – Activity (iOS, Android)
  • Parler – Users (iOS, Android)
  • Signal – New Users (Android)
  • Signal – Groups and Chats (Android)
  • Signal (macOS)
  • Snapchat – Groups (iOS)

Artifact Updates

  • Apple Notes (macOS)
  • Google Calendar Reminders (iOS)
  • LINE (Android)
  • Motion Photos (Android)
  • Private Photo Vault (iOS)
  • QQ (Android)
  • Reddit (iOS)
  • Signal (iOS, Android)
  • Skype (Windows)
  • TamTam Messenger (iOS)
  • WeChat (Android)
  • Wickr (Android)
  • Yahoo Mail (Android)

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