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New Case Study Describes How Magnet ATLAS Tracks Complex Cases

It’s uncommon for most criminal cases nowadays to involve less than half a dozen digital devices. Smartphones, tablets, home assistants, gaming consoles, and computers from suspects, victims, and witnesses may all be in play.

In such a complex evidentiary landscape, proper chain of custody documentation is a must. Seizing multiple devices means being able to document where they were seized, to whom they belong, and what—if any—evidence they contain.

Many labs struggle to maintain seizure logs, however, that can account for all pieces of evidence—not just primary pieces, but also secondary pieces such as SIM cards or SD cards. This can be a problem when it comes time for the lab to report its statistics.

How ATLAS Helps the IMPD Manage Complex Investigations

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department’s forensics lab has used ATLAS since before Magnet Forensics acquired its developer, Sentinel Data. Unit supervisor Linda Jackson and forensic examiner Grant Melton spoke with us about how ATLAS has helped them manage cases with more than 100 devices, as well as tracking devices over time in order to try new forensic methods on cold cases.

They also describe how more granular lab statistics enable them to generate the kinds of reports the lab needs to justify resource outlays: case types, computer and mobile device types, and storage types can all be tracked with ease.

Download the Case Study to Find Out More

In our extended case study, “Complex Case Management and Reporting with Magnet ATLAS,” find out how Jackson and Melton:

  • Use ATLAS to manage multiple devices from large-scale seizures.
  • Associate a “parent/child” relationship between primary devices and the secondary devices to which they’re associated—for example, a micro SD card found in a smartphone.
  • Save time in using a single solution to generate accurate monthly statistics that justify grant funding for the IMPD’s Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force.

To read more case studies, customer stories, and testimonials, visit our Customers page. Are you currently using Magnet Forensics products and want to take part in a case study? We’d love to hear from you!

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