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Magnet IGNITE is Now Available!

Announcing the general availability of Magnet IGNITE, our cloud-based triage tool that enables fast, remote triage and initial analysis of endpoints!

The frequency and scale of cyberattacks targeting businesses has been steadily increasing and shows no signs of slowing down. With this onslaught of cybersecurity threats, and an increasingly spread-out workforce, you need to be able to quickly prioritize threats and determine your next steps—without using valuable time and resources to perform a full forensic deep dive.

With IGNITE, you can quickly uncover the most common indicators of compromise and suspicious activity on endpoints, helping you to determine:

  • Where potentially malicious activity has occurred
  • If data has been exfiltrated from an endpoint
  • Whether outbound employees have taken valuable IP with them
  • When asset misuse or policy violation has happened

Armed with these insights, you can determine if, and where, a deeper forensic analysis is required.

Learn more about IGNITE and sign up for a free trial here.

Magnet IGNITE in an Incident Response Use Case 

Let’s look at a potential scenario in which IGNITE is used in an Incident Response case:

You get alerted by the SOC that multiple endpoints may have potentially been compromised by malware. It’s up to you, as the digital forensics examiner, to validate the alert and identify any compromised endpoints. Malicious attacks can move across a network quickly, so you have to respond quickly since the malware will most likely made its way to other endpoints and will continue to spread.

That is where IGNITE comes in. 

Using IGNITE, you can quickly triage multiple endpoints at the same time and get findings that will help inform your next steps. And as a cloud-based tool, the triage of these endpoints can be initiated from any web browser—so regardless of when and where the incident occurs, you are able to get your triage underway.

As a result, you can quickly identify the systems involved with the malicious activity and collaborate with others to remediate the incident. Your initial findings from IGNITE can be downloaded and shared with internal stakeholders for review. And where a deep dive analysis of the endpoints is required, the triage results from IGNITE can also be downloaded and opened in Magnet AXIOM Cyber.

Built With Community Input

Magnet IGNITE is the first solution to come out of the Magnet Idea Lab, a community of beta testers that collaborate with Magnet Forensics to develop the next generation of digital forensics technology.

Over the last year, members of the digital forensics community have been using IGNITE and working with the Magnet Forensics product team to identify and address the triage requirements performed by businesses and forensic service providers.

Visit the Magnet IGNITE page today to learn more and to get started with a free trial.

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