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Four Benefits of Combining Magnet IGNITE and AXIOM Cyber

Things need to move quickly in cybersecurity. When a potential compromise is uncovered, the more time it takes to determine the scope of the incident and the root cause, the greater the risk of data exfiltration and overall impact on the operation and reputation of the business.

Magnet IGNITE is a SaaS solution that helps accelerate the initial assessment of cases with the concurrent collection and initial analysis of remote endpoints to quickly assess the scope of the investigation and identify which endpoints require further processing or full forensic analysis. As part of the Magnet Forensics ecosystem, data collected with IGNITE can seamlessly transition to AXIOM Cyber for additional processing or to expand the collection to include different data sources and a full forensic analysis.

Using Magnet IGNITE With AXIOM Cyber

Magnet IGNITE has a range of applications for both Internal and external Investigations, providing quick insights into the extent of a cyberattack by scanning malicious files and other IOCs using YARA rules or determining if company data or IP has been exfiltrated by a member of the team. This video overviews leveraging Magnet IGNITE alongside AXIOM Cyber in your investigations.

Four Benefits of Adding IGNITE to your AXIOM Cyber Workflow

1. Expand the Bandwidth of the Team

Digital forensics is a highly specific skill set honed over years of practical experience and theoretical training. IGNITE provides an approachable option for enabling non-technical staff to start an investigation and gather data that can be handed off to an internal DFIR team or forensic service provider.

2. Access Anytime, Anywhere

As a SaaS solution, you can access IGNITE anytime to deploy a remote agent and identify malicious activity or exfiltrated data from a remote, off-network endpoint. Regardless of your location and the endpoint, as a fully cloud based application IGNITE provides a quick solution to kicking off your investigation.

3. Save Time by Focusing on the Right Endpoints

One of the biggest challenges when hit with a cyberattack is determining the scope of the incident. IGNITE helps your team quickly conduct an early incident assessment to determine the extent of an incident with quick, remote scans and analysis of endpoints.

If we’re recovering data from 100 systems and IGNITE quickly identifies that only two of them require a full forensic analysis, we’re able to save hours of response time.

Ted Joffs, National Incident Response Manager, Fortis by Sentinel

4. Easily Transition to Deep Forensic Analysis 

When the time comes to move a case to AXIOM Cyber, the data collected in IGNITE is easily downloaded as an AXIOM case which can be opened locally in AXIOM Cyber for a full forensic analysis.

I like using Magnet IGNITE and AXIOM together, because as we start acquiring an image with IGNITE it starts processing so I can get the high-level details to pass on to my IR team but then also at the end of acquisition I can move that MFDB over to AXIOM for a lot deeper investigation.

Mason Henson, Senior Cyber Security Forensics Examiner

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