Forensic 4:cast Awards: Help Magnet Forensics Win 3!

2017 Forensic 4:cast - VOTE NOWWe want to sincerely thank those of you who took the time to cast nomination ballots in the 2017 Forensic 4:cast Awards. Thanks to you, we garnered nominations in THREE categories—Computer Forensic Software of the Year, Phone Forensic Software of the Year, and Organization of the Year!

Your support shows that you recognize our dedication to you and your mission. We’re really excited that the community put us in the running for the very best of the best—not only for Computer Forensic Software of the Year, as we’ve won for the past four years, but also again for Phone Forensic Software of the Year (which we won in 2015) and Digital Forensic Organization of the Year.

Vote for Magnet Forensics for the Forensic 4:cast Awards here!

It’s been a lot of fun to watch the 4:cast Awards evolve from community fun to a distinguished industry honor, and we continue to be impressed by the caliber of those whose company we find ourselves in. While some of you may be tempted to spread your vote around to be fair, we’d like to ask you to consider voting for us in all three categories. We’ve got a lot of exciting news that we’ll be posting over the next few weeks, which we think will showcase our leadership and innovation in smartphone and computer forensics—and our commitment to being your Digital Forensics Organization of the Year!

Thank you again for your continued support and loyalty as we continue to make forensic software that helps you do the great job you’re doing to uncover the truth and serve justice.