Loading Cellebrite Images into Magnet AXIOM

Cellebrite images are quite popular, as the tool supports many different devices and extraction types. Because of this, you may get several different image types depending on the device and the type of extraction done. Often, I will get questions on how to load Cellebrite images into Magnet AXIOM and while it’s quite easy, it’s not always straightforward.

Forensic Analysis of iCloud Backups up to iOS15

With Magnet AXIOM, you can acquire and analyze iCloud backups up to and including iOS 15. Gaining access to Apple user data for forensic examiners has been a challenge and the relationship between Apple and the law enforcement community could be described as ‘contentious’ to say the least — with Apple refusing to unlock iPhones … Continued

Meet the Magnet Forensics’ Training Team: Katie Bressington

Introducing our newest member of the Training Team, Katie Bressington! Katie joins us from a background in Law Enforcement and Digital Forensics. Let’s get to know Katie! Want to learn more about what courses are offered? Visit our Training & Certification page for more information. MF: Tell us about your life before becoming a Trainer. … Continued