How to Get GrayKey from Magnet Forensics

If you haven’t heard the news yet, Grayshift and Magnet Forensics have entered into an exclusive global technology and distribution partnership! That means it’s easier than ever to use GrayKey and Magnet AXIOM for all of your iOS investigations so you can obtain the best results. Who Can Buy GrayKey? GrayKey is available for purchase by … Continued

Announcing the First Winner of the Magnet Forensics Scholarship Program

We’re proud to announce the first recipient of the Magnet Forensics Scholarship Program: Eric Dalla Mura, Detective Corporal at the Burlington Police Department in Burlington, VT. Eric worked with his Lieutenant to apply for the scholarship and subsequently devote time throughout the year for the free training and travel opportunities provided and we’re excited to see how he … Continued

Three Newer Things that May Surprise You about iOS Forensics

By Jessica Hyde, Director, Forensics I recently delivered a webinar, “Apple’s Tween Years: iOS’ Maturation from 10 through 11 and into 12,” followed by an iOS and cloud forensics focused trip in New Zealand, Australia, and Singapore. From talking with examiners at these events, I realized that the lecture content contained three “surprises” that could … Continued

A Look Back at 2018: Resources for ICAC Investigations

Continuing our look back on the resources we’ve offered in 2018, this week, we’re highlighting the webinars, white papers, videos, and blogs that are focused on Internet crimes against children (ICAC) investigations. 2018 marked some major developments in Magnet AXIOM’s ability to support ICAC investigations. Adding full disk decryption using a generated password list and support for FileVault2 … Continued

Analysis of GrayKey Images with AXIOM: New KnowledgeC Database Artifact Additions

With the past few releases of Magnet AXIOM, we’ve added new artifacts found on iOS file system images seen primarily when investigators have access to tools such as GrayKey.  With the release of AXIOM  2.8, we’ve included additional iOS artifacts, including the KnowledgeC database artifacts found on iOS devices. KnowledgeC Database As investigators, our job revolves around … Continued

Getting Evidence from iOS Screen Time Artifacts

Screen Time, a new feature added to the release of iOS 12, is designed to supervise activities that are going on within the device. Whether set up from a parental standpoint to limit how much time is being spent on video games, or someone is simply trying to limit how much time they spend on … Continued

A Look Back at 2018: Resources for Corporate Investigations

Last week we looked back at some of the resources we’ve offered this year to help forensic examiners in their investigations — specifically about mobile forensics. This week, we’re highlighting some corporate resources we’ve made available, including webinars, white papers, videos, and blogs. 2018 was a big year for features in Magnet AXIOM that can … Continued

Announcing This Year’s Keynote Speaker at Magnet User Summit!

We’re pleased to announce that the keynote speaker at this year’s Magnet User Summit in Nashville will be Ovie Carroll, Director for the Cybercrime Lab at the Department of Justice, Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section (CCIPS) and a noted SANS Instructor and Author. “We’re honored to have Ovie join us for the Magnet User … Continued

A Look Back at 2018: Resources for Mobile Investigations

As 2018 draws to a close, we’ll be taking a look back at some of the resources we’ve offered this year to help forensic examiners in their investigations. This blog is a roundup of a year’s worth of mobile forensics resources. We kicked off 2018 by adding 550 Android recovery images and new password bypass … Continued