IThome CyberSEC 



2019 Taiwan Security Conference

There are no national borders in cyber attacks. Threats facing us today are not those that we alone, through a single-sector, or even a single enterprise can effectively defend. It is difficult to fight against more complex, larger and organized secret malicious attacks around the world. 2019 Taiwan’s Security Conference (CYBERSEC 2019) is concerned with international security issues and brings together individuals in the Asia-Pacific region. Whether you are an expert, scholar, legal professional or corporate user, we welcome you to join us here at the technical level. At the strategic level, we will explore the most advanced technologies and knowledge of Zi’an. Bringing the awareness and knowledge of the security community back to the organization, building consensus and growth from top to bottom, and cooperating with the security industry partners to defend against the defense, so that the battlefield of the Zi’an attack and defense will become stronger, more rapid response, and faster processing. 

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March 18th  -  22nd, 2019


Taipei, Taiwan