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Cyber attacks are more versatile than ever: Far from being limited to economic damages from hacks on private information and enterprises, the impact on foreign and security policy is massive. Lacking specialised norms and inter policies for cyber space, the ability of states and rogue actors to launch attacks, while remaining undetected and unpunished, is intensifying the risk of general conflict.

While threats, attacks and risks continue to pile up, conclusively the challenges organisations were about to face in 2019 aren’t insurmountable. The crucial aspect of managing them successfully is staying up-to-date with security systems, understanding probable future threats and pacing back to comprehend big-picture trends that are driving them.

CYBER ATTACK 2019 Series provides the region’s IT executives and opportunity to gather for a day of networking, collaboration, and knowledge-transfer through peer-led keynotes, breakouts, panel sessions.

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June 21st, 2019


Hong Kong