AFCEA Tokyo 2019



AFCEA 東京 TOKYO – TechNet Tokyo is an annual conference devoted to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), focusing on the Japanese and United States governments, the Tokyo-based technology industry, JP and US-based defense industry, and anyone interested in learning about new and emerging technologies with wide-ranging application. We expect approximately 600-1000 total attendees to join TechNet Tokyo during the three-day conference.

The theme for TechNet Tokyo 2019 is “Deterrence”, deriving from the recent update to the Japanese cyber security strategy recently published by NISC. This is the first time the idea of deterrence has been included, and is an interesting proposition considering the geopolitical nature of the region.

We hope to explore an array of topics focusing on deterrence and discuss how this is a positive change, has potential for negative impacts and misuse, and the myriad technologies available to assist with implementation of this goal, among other subject matter.

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March 5th  -  7th, 2019