Internet Evidence Finder - FIND MORE EVIDENCE. SAVE TIME.

INTERNET EVIDENCE FINDER® (IEF®) is a digital forensics software solution used by thousands of forensics professionals around the world to find, analyze and present digital evidence found on computers, smartphones and tablets.

  • FIND.

    An IEF search intelligently parses and carves hundreds of different Internet-related artifacts found in allocated and unallocated space.
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    Search results are then organized in IEF Report Viewer, where they can be analyzed to identify the evidence that is most important.
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    Results can be exported into a number of report formats that are easy to understand and present by non-technical stakeholders.
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Dig deeper. Search wider. Find evidence Faster. See What IEF is All About.


  • IEF FINDS MORE EVIDENCE FROM DELETED SPACE THAN OTHER FORENSICS TOOLS: Our proprietary carving and parsing techniques find more data from more locations, so you don’t miss out on critical evidence.
  • IEF SAVES TIME: IEF’s automated search for artifacts removes the need for manual parsing and carving work.
  • IEF IS SIMPLE TO USE: IEF’s intuitive user interface makes it easy for investigators of all experience levels to find critical evidence for their cases and investigations.
  • IEF IS TRUSTED BY INDUSTRY LEADERS: IEF is used by thousands of forensics professionals in organizations around the world, including leading law enforcement organizations, government agencies and businesses.