Facebook can be an indispensable online resource when recovering forensic artifacts to use as digital evidence. It can provide a glimpse into an individual’s life, offer geographical information to indicate where a person was on a specific date, and can reveal the identities of close friends and family. With Facebook applications available on most mobile devices, further location data is available with GPS, making these forensic artifacts even more valuable to the investigator.

Recovering 6 Types of Facebook Forensic Artifacts

In this whitepaper, we’ll go over the 6 most common categories of forensic artifacts that are left behind by a person’s Facebook activity. We’ll also demonstrate how our digital forensics software, IEF, can be used to analyze and recover forensic artifacts from the following categories:

  • Facebook Chat
  • Facebook Messages
  • Facebook Wall Posts/Comments
  • Facebook Webpage Fragment
  • Facebook Pictures
  • Facebook URLs

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